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The use of motion graphics, especially in the fields of promotion and advertising, is now being used a lot. Videomaker services, including a video production company in singapore, began offering various types of motion graphics with different creativity. The use of motion graphic does make a video look more attractive and not boring. We are also able to imagine better in using motion graphics. This is one reason motion graphics are being used a lot. Indirectly, the audience will continue watching the video provided that motion graphics are appropriate and not excessive.

The development of motion graphics is indeed very rapid, offset by technology that supports both software and hardware. Many business or product companies want to use motion graphics in their promotional videos. This is the reason many companies use motion graphic:

- Flexible video explainer
Motion graphics are not limited to static images, you can also add more movements such as animation, slideshows, and streaming media because one of the motion graphics tasks is to increase the audience's brand awareness.

- Creating a profiled company
Building a brand and company profile requires a specific strategy to succeed. The sophisticated development of the age will require you to make interesting and creative promotions so that prospective customers are more interested and easier to remember your business.

- Increase visitor traffic
This applies to advertisements posted on the website. The amount of traffic and statistics on website visitors is very important. The higher the website traffic, the higher the potential for a website to profit. Motion graphics installation is considered able to encourage visitors to click on the banner that will take them on your website. This is where the motion graphics function in increasing the amount of traffic.

- Display more interesting information
Special discounts or promos are one way to effectively increase revenue. Motion graphics can be used to display discounts, the latest product promos, to update services in a more interesting way.