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Floors are an essential element in home design because every day the inhabitants of the house will go through and step on the floor. As one of the widest surfaces, the selection of floors greatly influences the appearance of appearance created in a space. Choose floor material for your home according to your tastes, budget, and needs of the residents. Not to forget, of course, it still unites with the overall theme to be achieved in the design concept. Ceramic is a material that is strong, durable, and has many design variants and colors. In addition, maintenance also tends to be easy. You only need to replace the ceramic unit that is cracked or broken if needed. Imperfections in the replacement will be invisible. Because of its superiority, ceramics are very suitable for use in areas often traversed by users and require resistance to moisture such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Cleaning ceramics, easy but difficult, you need crafts and perseverance, you are expected to find the best professional services in handling your floor problems such as

Unlike ceramics that have a glazing layer on the surface and the bottom looks like clay that is burned, the appearance of HT is similar on the surface, sides, and back. Aesthetically, the use of HT will add to the impression of luxury in a room. Its advantages over ceramics include a flat surface, a more precise size that allows the grout to be barely visible; so that the surface of the floor will look like large size glass without the impression of being fragmented. Parquet laminates are made of a wood powder mixed with chemicals as an adhesive, which is then pressed and coated with synthetic veneers. The use of this material gives a warm room temperature, with a natural and elegant appearance. The installation is also very easy. Unlike other floor coatings, vinyl material is a choice of types of sheets. Affordable prices and easy installation make it popular lately. Variants of vinyl design designs can also be various kinds of stone, wood, and metal. However, we should be aware of the content of synthetic PVC in vinyl which can endanger people who are sensitive to it.

Asian floor trends are beginning to emerge to create raw and industrial impressions, and can also save your expenses for selecting floor material. When combined with modern design, the polished floor can give an elegant impression. Make sure to use a soft aci layer to prevent dust from sticking to the concrete.

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