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Gas cylinders can be said to be an essential requirement for cooking. In fact, sometimes there is a gas cylinder in the house so that if it runs out it can be replaced immediately. But the use of gas cylinders needs to be careful because they can explode. You can get propane tanks near me and get a new tank.

For this reason, the gas cylinder regulator must be properly installed to avoid gas leakage. If there is contact with fire or electricity, it can trigger an explosion and the worst is fire. The easiest way to find out which gas is leaking is when there is a strong odor that fills the kitchen. If so, what should we do?

1. Make sure there is no fire and no electrical contact

What is clear, first is do not panic. If you have the smell of gas, immediately turn off the stove or other sources of fire and do not make contact with electricity. Do not turn on the lights or anything related to electricity. Electrical contacts can trigger gas in the room.

2. Immediately pull out the regulator and open the vent

Next, immediately unplug the gas cylinder regulator installed. Gas that collects in the room can trigger an explosion and be harmful to breathing. So it's better to open a window or vent directly in the kitchen. To avoid this, make sure the kitchen has sufficient air circulation by having an air filter. If you have time, immediately bring the gas cylinder out of the room so that the gas does not accumulate more in the kitchen.

3. Cover with a damp cloth

What if you see a fire? Immediately take the nearest cloth, rinse with water, then cover the fire with the wet cloth. Immediately the fire will surely go out and no explosion will occur.

4. Check the gas cylinder regulator

Periodically, check the gas cylinder regulator. Leaking gas can be caused by a regulator that is not tightly closed or a hose that is holey due to being bitten by a mouse. If the regulator is felt to be loose or there are parts that start to be brittle, then immediately buy a new regulator. When replacing gas cylinders, it's good to clean the regulator and hose to make it more durable.