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Endless community activity, sometimes high stress can result in burn out, a condition when someone feels failed, tired, and not confident due to excessive demands. This situation can befall anyone, including one teacher. Because various problems in school can drain energy and cause emotional tension. If left too long, it will cause endless fatigue. Facing stress, it's like someone is fighting against yourself. Teachers who are under stress, usually avoid social gatherings because they feel the people around him are fine with his job, while he is not. If that happens, ayahuasca suggests that it really doesn't matter if you avoid associations such as eating out during work hours, as long as you say in polite language! Not everything must be agreed upon. Forget things that can make you more burdened by setting priorities for activities.

Stress can cause the brain to not clear because too much is thought. New ideas for creating a comfortable classroom atmosphere are often hampered because of fear of failure and even creating new problems. Even at school, the teacher cannot focus and just wants to spend a few days. Teaching is a frightening specter for teachers. If a teacher feels tired, then relax after passing solid days. Take time for yourself on weekends with your favorite activities to refresh your mind and soul. It's okay to think about yourself for a while for mental health. Teachers who are overwritten by stress rarely disclose to others because according to him it is tiring. However, once he speaks he will start with various complaints, such as problems with the class, students, or student guardians. This attitude can last until the end of the school year.

Communicating with friends can be a solution for issuing complaints. Try to find a friend who can accommodate your complaints at the beginning of the school year. It doesn't need much, just a few you can trust to share the story.