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Everyone certainly needs electricity in their homes. there are a lot of household appliances that can only be switched on with electricity to the equipment. Electricity itself is also a problem my link. For this reason, the services of electrician singapore will be needed. You cannot overcome the problems of electricity alone, their services will greatly help you in dealing with problems in the electrical system.

In addition to the problems with electricity, all you have to pay attention to is how to save the electricity you use. Below are some ways you can control the use of electricity in your home.

- Light control can save electricity up to 60 percent
The use of lighting is one of the considerable waste on a household scale. People often ignore the use of lights because they feel the wattage is not too big. Even if the waste is prolonged, the accumulation will also be large.

- Replacing TL incandescent lights with LEDs
LED lights usually have a certain level of light information. An electrician gives a formula for every m2 of space needed by 1 watt of LED lighting. So for a bedroom size of 3X3 = 9 m2, it means that the electricity needs are around 9-10 watts. It's bright enough.

- Using double lights
In addition to the existing 10-watt lights, also provide 1-3 watt lights for lighting a room that you can install while sleeping. Likewise for the living room. For this purpose, of course, you have to make a new switch or buy a pull switch.

- As much as possible try to turn off at least 2 unnecessary lights at 17.00-20.00
In addition, do not let the lights turn on during the day and maximize the sun as the main attraction. You can believe you may not, by saving money as above you can save money on electricity costs very much and you can save money. Try counting, the savings can be more than 60 percent.