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For those of you who are looking for work, it might be difficult when none of your job applications are processed by the company. If this happens, then you need to realize that there might be something wrong with the job application you sent. or it could be because the job is not in accordance with your qualifications. On jobcentreonline, you can get information or job openings that are in accordance with what you want or in accordance with your qualifications jobcentreonline.

In applying for a job, all you need is a cover letter (CV) that is interesting and can make the company confident about your quality. For that, making an attractive CV is something you have to do. Below are some tips on making an attractive CV.

1. Enter the skills that match the qualifications
Creating a digital CV is fairly easy, especially when you have minimal design skills. Now, to make an attractive and efficient curriculum vitae, it's good to make a few to send to relevant companies and vacancies. Try to include the main skills that match the job description displayed on the internet.

2. Avoid writing too much
Compared to include all the jobs in your old company in detail and also complete, it's better to just list the important points. For this one thing, you can take an example from jobs in your previous company, or you can also take on the job site that is relevant to what you have done in the company where you work or where you have worked.

3. Choose an easy-to-read font
Downloading various interesting fonts is fun, but also needs to be considered. If it is used to make a CV, it is better to use clear, easy-to-read fonts. An attractive but hard-to-read font will definitely complicate HRD when screening your CV. Y