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You definitely want to make your visitors feel at home and come back to your shop as often as possible. All that will not be realized if the atmosphere of your store does not make them comfortable. Therefore, the atmosphere of your store is very important. Apart from that, you may need the best self storage hk service for storing your supplies as well.


Put cheerful music with a volume that is not too loud. You must choose the song that you play carefully. Do not let the song you play instead of making your shop visitors bored and sleepy. Research shows that music affects someone's shopping desire. Cheerful but slow music tends to make people want to shop more and also order more food in restaurants.

Besides music, you also need to pay attention to the layout of your offline retail store. Make sure your items are easily found and accessed by visitors. Put your items based on the type, for example, put an accessories rack in its own area, as well as clothes and shoes. Don't forget to provide comfortable chairs for visitors who are tired or who carry children.

Combine Online and Offline Shopping Experience

This one tip is specifically for those of you who have an online store. Remember that your customers use many channels to shop. They may still look for the products they want to buy online when they are at the mall. Therefore, combining e-commerce with your offline store can be a very good idea.

Allow your customers to order online through your website and take orders directly in your store. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), 69 percent of buyers who take their orders at stores usually also buy other items. You can also present your online shopping experience at your physical store by providing a self-service kiosk so that your customers can browse. This can be a great strategy, especially if you have lots of shops and warehouses, while you don't keep all your stock in one location.

One retailer that brings e-commerce to their physical store is Nike. Manufacturing of sports clothing and shoes provides a large touch screen in some of their stores to allow visitors to search for products on their website.