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This time, we will share info on how to polish your home's wood floor. Maybe you think this is a very complicated and complex job. However, this job is actually easier than you think. You only need a few tools and materials and enough time. Aside from that, you may also need to call the excellent our website whenever your tiles must be cleaned by the professionals.

Let's check it out!

1. Preparation for work

Before starting this work, get rid of all the furniture to make it easier to work and avoid the dust produced.

2. Equipment and materials needed

The equipment and materials needed to do this work are:

- Vacuums

- Scraper

- Paint scraper

- Gubias

- Plastic spatula 2

- Varnish brush

- Polisher floor

- Edge of Polisher

- Polyurethane vitrifying, which is a chemical used to carry out the vitrification process or form a layer on solid wood or parquet.

3. Start work

After you move all the furniture, coat the door to the lower wall list to avoid dust during the sanding process. Check the surface of the wood floor that will be polished if there is a rough layer You must be prepared to clean between the surface of the dust when polishing.

4. Sanding

The polishing process can be started with a polishing machine that has a roller, where there is sandpaper that rotates at high speed to polish the floor, starting with sandpaper size 80.

Make sure you sand evenly. To get smoother results, you can adjust 100-size sandpaper and then 120 and repeat the sanding process from the beginning.

5. Paint wood floors

After the polishing process and the entire surface is cleaned of dust. Finally, paint the first vitrifying/protective layer. This paint will dry for 24 hours, after dry rub it again with sandpaper size 400, then you can repaint it.

After the work is done, you have to wait at least three days to put the furniture in place and indulge in the house.

How are you ready to polish your wooden floor? If you don't have enough time to do it yourself, immediately contact professionals who can be trusted to polish it.

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