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How to Make the Network of Your WiFi System Faster

When talking about NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System review, then you can continue reading this article. Is the Wifi network in your home sucked or slow? This is really annoying, but you don't need to worry or call a technician to reboot the router. This is a way to make your WiFi network faster.

- Increase the Wi-Fi range with Network Extender

This solution is a cheaper solution than buying a new WiFi router. With a network extender, WiFi signals will be able to reach places that are difficult to reach or beyond the reach of WiFi signals. You can also use an old WiFi router as a network extender if you have one.

- Set a schedule for rebooting the router

You can run several tests to make sure the issues are not due to heat, old firmware, or excess downloads. The simple way to overcome the problem of slow access is to schedule a reboot once a day.

- Select the right channel

Did you know that WiFi routers have channels? Sometimes changing channels can facilitate data access when using WiFi. This is due to differences in the number of signals that interfere with WiFi signals, for example, if you live in an apartment full of WiFi routers, then you have to find a suitable channel so that the signal is not interrupted by other WIFi routers.

In addition, WiFi routers usually come with different frequencies ranging from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. If you live in a large house that has more than one floor, it's good to use a WiFi router with low frequency because the low frequency has a larger scope and the signal is better able to penetrate various obstacles such as walls.

- Move the router to the ideal place

The most ideal place for a WiFi router is a high place and in the middle of a room or home. Position the WiFi router antenna facing the wall if you want the WiFi signal to pass through a wall. Never put a WiFi router close to a wall made of concrete because it will block the WiFi signal. You need to know that the main enemy of WiFi signals is water and windows.

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